This term for topic we are doing mini study we got given a letter and then we got to chose a country we wanted to do it on starting with the letter we were given. My letter was B and I chose to do it on Brazil.

Thinking about Thinking

Red hat: Feeings
I feel very happy with what I have found out about my country I think I managed well.

White hat:Information
Some of the main facts would be .........
Brazil is one of the largest counties in the world.
The capital of Brazil is Brasilia.
Their official language is Portruguese.
Brazil's climate is warm,wet and tropical except in the far south.
Their form of government is republic.
Brazil is home to the wonderful Amazon forest and river.
Brazil is famous for the sugar loaf which is a mountain that looks like a sugar loaf, Amazon forest and river,white beautiful beaches,christ the redeemer, and soccer players
like Renaldo

Black hat:weaknesses
The bad things that I found out is that.......
Brazil is listed as one of the most corrupt counties in the world.
Brazil is also the elictit producer of coca and cannabis in the Amazon region.

Yellow hat:stregths
The good things that I found out would be................
Brazil is home to many amazing places and sights.

The climate in Brazil is especially good for growing coffee beans.
Lots of people like to visit Brazil because of it's amazing calture.
Brazil holds lots of amazing festivals which many people go to.

Green hat: creativity
Some of the issues could be solved by.....
They could Try and stop them from growing coca and cannabis in the Amazon region. I am shore that there are lots of other corrupt countries in the world.

Blue hat:Thinking
My justified oppenion is......
Brazil is a wonderful county with lots of amazing buildings ,places and things to do.It is a beautiful place with white beaches,festivals and famous people.It would be an amazing and wonderful place to visit.

Beijing olympics
The olmpics should not be held in Beijing for many resons here are some......
pollution in Beijing is a frightening concept.I have learn't that in China on most days the sky is grey and you can't even see the sun this is because of air pollution.A microgram is the amount of pollution recorded in the air, the average amount is 50 but on the 29th of july in Beijing it was over 350 micrograms and in wellington it is only 17 on most days.Before the olympics started the Beijing goverment made the people clean the water from algea did you know that the algea is actually made by the sewage which is going into the water.

As a person in Beijing it would not be easy, if you live in China you are only aloud 1 child and if you have more it will be sold or get looked after by someone alse.
Some people even get sent to jail just for asking qestions like why are you bulldozing our house. the people of china have to live in fear.

In Beijing they also have a problem with terrorests which are constantly attacking .Only about a week ago 16 policemen where killed in a terrorest attack .

security,They say the security is really really good but then how did the people manage to secretly film the opening ceremony.
The olypics should not be held in Beijing because of bad security,a amazing amount of pollution,terrorest attacks and match more.

Venn diagra


Active council:

1.What is the name of your local council?

the name of our local council is south Wairarapa district council
2.What district or area is your school in?
our school is in Greytown
3.Who is your local mayor?
Our local mayor is Adrean Stapples
4.Who is your representative?
Our representative is Mrs Napier
5.Who does Mr Field work for & what do you think his job is?
He works for the greater Wellington District council
6.Think of a positive thing our council has done for the community & explain it.
Make a new town library
The council helped us build a new better library
They built a new town library to create a better learning environment ,
so there is more space,
and for local events.

Making decisions at home
At home most of the time my parents make the decisions but sometimes
if they are important to me I get to have a say.