Write about a time that you have been bullied ? How did you feel and what did you feel about it ? was it resolved ? Then think about a time when you were the bully and answer the same questions? At my old school when I was 8 a dude called Henry came up to me he was alot older then me and he called me names and I felt sad,angry,annoyed,depressed and very, very upset.I told the teacher that I was being bulled they went and talked to the person that was bullying me .After that I never got bulled again by that person.
I cant really remember but there was a time when I teased my sister about being able to go on the computer I felt in control of the matter after a while my mum told me that i had to get of and it was resolved.

WALT= We are learning to?
TIB=this is because?
WILF=what i 'm looking for?

Bullying ( better place)

To make our school a better place we should?
1.all try our best to be the best we can
2.set up a system were we help the bully and the vicyims by getting people to talk to them and help them under stand that people are all the same and that bullies bully because samething is wrong. WHAT PART CAN WE PLAY
I could try to be the best I can and I could be a good role model,I could try to understand the bullies and bullied and then I might be able to understand this matter.


Group asighnment

*Tobacco has been grown on the American countries since about 6000 BC
*It begun being used by native cultures at about 3000 BC
*there are drawings of ancient mayans cigares from about 1400 BC

* by 1620 40,000 pounds of tobacco was shipped into england.

  • Throughout the 17th and 18th centuries tobacco continued to be the cash crop of the colony.
  • A historian of the american south in the late 1860s reported on a typical usage in the region where it was grown.
*Tobacco killed more then 100 million people in the 20th centuary.
*It predicted to kill one billion in the 21st centuary.

*the 16th century -
sailors spreed the seeds

*the 17th century -
the great age of pipe

*the 19th century -
the age of the cigar

*the 20th century -
the rise of the cigarette


Our class has been to palliser and arbor house to visit the old.
When we came into the building everyone welcomed us as if we were royal it was so warming.
It was a great oppertunity to learn about there lives . I felt very great full to be able to visit them. Although same of the residents had talking and hearing problems we all still learn't heaps. I think we made a difference because we can tell our children and our children can tell their children what amazing people they were.


1.What we accomplished was:
By finishing and presenting our power point. We were able to take notes and info and put it on our slids & wiki.

2.The skills we used were:
Working as a team
We used computer skills
Note taking skills

3.Changes from our original proposal were:
We changed the colour and the writing
What people were saying and how they were saying it.

4.How we handle the unexpected:
We did the best we could when we found out that we had to do it in front of 3 classes

5.What I learned was:
I learnt how tobacco can kill millions of people and the effects it causes

6.My feelings about my participation:
I thought we were o.k but next time we could do it better.

7.We can improve our next project by:
Keeping the slides the same colour and font
use bullet points.