sound picture story


One shaft of light shone through the lonely woods.
That one lonely seedling struggled up through the thick undergrowth on that cold damp morning.
Its leaves soaking up the morning sunlight.
Every day it grew a little more and on that one day it grew greener then ever.
On that one promising day it stood up straight and proud and smiled because it knew
that it was strong and beautiful and would suffer no longer.
But it was wrong. On that very same day when it finally became a tree,they came and the trees went.
And when that lonely tr
ee was taken a new green seedling full of life struggled through the undergrowth.
That would grow into a great tree.

By Renske & Madeline

Picture story.

I held my head up high,
And with my old wrinkled hands I held a beautiful young flower,

I stood there with tears running down my aged face and sighed,
as I discovered that my life was slowly decaying.
I took one last look at the dark, ha
rd grave stone.
Everything seemed darker now,
as I walked down the darkened street
I seemed to hear the faint cry of pain inside me.
Now I understand the pain people can embrase and discover.
and now as I hold this lively flower in my hands I know I will never forget.
Even if I must face the pain and terror that haunts me.

By Renske

The lonely blaze


As one flare of light shone throughout the room,
It swayed and danced,
Slowly seeping down the match,
The soothing, flickering sound of burning wood grew,
It crept around the room growing larger and larger,
Soon the room was swallowed in the hot, wispy smoke,
Eating everything in its way.

By Renske