This is my goals page ''welcome''

Greytown school a pathway to the future.
This starts when we first start at school and achieve lots of things like responsibilities,confident and many others as we grow older until we get to year eight.

The skills to help us in the future .......

*Aware of responsibilities
*Achieves academically
*Deals with challenges

These are the skills I can do ........

*Aware of responsibilities---means doing the gob I'm supposed to be doing
*Achieves academically----means doing the best you can do
*Communicates----means being able to talk to everybody
*Independent---means working well by myself
*Deals with challenges--- means that I can deal with challenges
*Confident--- means that you are confident to do class tasks

These are the skills I need to work on...........

*Motivated--- means wanting to learn
*Problem-solves --- means I can solve problems
*Cooperative--- means working with others
Well done Renske, you are working well towards achieving all these skills.

Term 3 Go