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spelling table

term 2
In this table I need to put my spelling results.


my saddest moment

2002 ,one of my saddest moments occured .one wonderful summers day I went outside to feed my dog,Foxy. Usually he would come in a harry to eat his braekfast but on this sad day he didn't come . I called for him and looked every where but he was not in sight.

The day flew by but I couldn't stop worreing .It was already starting to get dark so I dicided to go for another look around. Then at once I saw him I sprinted down the feild slipping and landing on my head next to Foxy. The pain was great but I was really happy to see my dog .

After the pain I come to a holt as I realized that Foxy didn't look very good. So I quickly brought him to the house to find that he had got rat piosning I wanted to take him to the vet but it was closed.I made him a bed and wissked onto the computer to find out if there was any cure But it was no use .
The next day I woke up extra early to see how Foxy was he looked so sad as if he was in great pain.

I gave him some food and water but he refused to eat or drink anything.anfortunly I had to zoom of to school.My mum and dad said that they would bring him to the vet wihtch made me feel a little better.

I came home from school to find out that he had been put down.My eyes filled with tears and I felt so emtie inside. Although I knew that if he had lived he would have gone throgh great pain.