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olland rocks

Welcome to Renskes Wiki

Hi my name is Renske. I come from Holland. I can speak fluent Dutch.
I like chocolate,lollies,Italian food,cute little animals ,friends and family.
I like running, netball and soccer.
another thing I need to say is that the Dutch soccer team has won most games in the world and they rock.


*The Dutch stormed through group play with convincing wins over Italy,
The world champions Italy were today mercilessly demoralised with a 3-0 whipping by the Dutch. Problems came early for the Italians who looked flat at the back and out classed in midfield
*NETHERLANDS 4 FRANCE 1 - Netherlands advance to the quarter-finals as group winners.
*Holland has won their 1,988 tournament

Dutch icons

Just imagine, some 100 years ago, Holland boasted no less than 10,000 operational mills! The mills ground grain, sawed timber and controlled the water level in our low-lying country. Due to the advent of modern machinery, increasingly more mills became superfluous. Fires, heavy storms and acts of war destroyed a large number of mills. Fortunately, some 1,100 mills still stand erect. They continue to be a symbol of Holland’s struggle against the water.

Glitter GraphiTulips and other flowers
(Late) March, April and (early) May are the best times to go and see the flower parks and the colorful bulb fields.

Dutch Cheese

Holland is truly a 'land of cheese'. The names Gouda and Edam are more synonymous in the rest of the world with cheese than with picturesque, typically Dutch cities. This 'cheese culture' has clearly left its mark on a number of cities. The cheese market of Alkmaar, for example, is world famous, and Gouda has a weighing house for cheese where visitors can measure their weight in cheese. Many impressive cheese warehouses are still found in Edam.